Roof garden

Garden roof with good substructure can ensure the sustainability of green space.

Roof garden components can be divided into five general categories.

1- Vegetation layer

2- Culture medium

3- Drainage layer

4- Protective layer

5- Roof structure

Geomembrane sheet, which has a protective layer on the roof’s gardens, the advantages of GEONIK Company sheet in roof gardens are:

1- Anti-root property

2- Stability in harsh environmental conditions

3- High mechanical strength

4- Ease of formation

5- Shear strength and elongation

6- Abrasion resistance

7- Impermeability

8- Suitable welding capability

9- Low ignition property

10- Low cost compared to similar products

In addition to the protective layer of garden roofs, GEONIK geomembrane sheets are also used in recreational ponds, examples of which you can see in the pictures below

roof garden pic