Product Certification

Product Specification : Black sheets with 2 mm thikness

High Density Polyethylen ( HDPE ) Geomembrane – (Water Proof Board)

No.Description of testTest resultUnitAcceptable RangeReference method
1MarkingAccording to the contractAccording to the contractGM13
3The thickness and uniformity1.95 – 2.10mm2 ± 0.2D5199
4Oxidation Induction time100min100ASTMD3895
6Carbon Black Content2-3%2-3ASTMD1603
7Carbon Black Dispersion<3_<3D5596
8Yield Strength31kN/m29D6693
9Break Strength55kN/m53D6693
10Yield Elongation150%120D6693
11Break Elongation825%700D6693
12Tear Resistance255N249D1004
13Puncture Resistance644N640D4833
14Stress Crack Resistance510hr500D5397
15Oven Aging at 85° – Standard OIT (min.ave.) % retainned after 90 days55%55D5721/D3895
16UV Resistance – Standard OIT (min.ave.)50%50D3895

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