Prefabricated metal pool with geomembrane coating

This type of ponds, along with the use of water storage due to the non-adhesion of moss and algae to geomembrane sheets and the possibility of controlling aquatic diseases, is a very good option for breeding cold-water and hot-water fish and with the lowest cost and in a dense and non-dense Densely implemented with the help of aquaculture equipment and CCTV system, which reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity in this type of poolOther benefits of these pools:

1- Excellent material in accordance with international standards

2- Reducing oxygenation costs

3- Has a high discharge pressure due to the appropriate height of the pool

4- Appropriate cost compared to the cost of constructing other types of pools

5- High resistance against UV, vibration and earthquake

6- Quick and easy installation

You can see the pictures related to how to install and the type of pool and its height from the ground

Metal fish pond