The best price 2.45 € to 3.75 € per square meter.

1.5 mm thickness HDPE Geomembran whit black color.

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We Work With Global Industries.
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We Work With Global Industries.

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Great Support
Excellent Team
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Geonik Services

Environmental protection

1.Chemical effluent ponds
2.Fire ponds in refineries
3.Mine effluent ponds
4.Chemical resistance
5.long life be economical
7.Environmentally friendly
8.Easy to install
9.Saving time

Prevent pollution of water resources

1.Landfill cover
2.Covering urban wastewater ponds
3.Covering industrial effluent ponds
4.Resistance to chemical and microbial substances
5.High durability
6.Ease of installation
7.Saving time

Protection against water penetration

1.Isolation of building pits
2.Insulation of concrete tanks
3.Insulation of concrete and non-concrete structures
4.Insulation of oil tank foundation
5.High durability of geomembranes
6.Ease of installation
7.Saving time
8.economic efficiency
9.Compatibility with plant roots on garden roofs
10.Tensile strength in length and width

Save water resources

1.Covering earthen pools
2.Concrete pool cover
3.Leakage of old concrete and non-concrete pools with leaks
4.Covering water supply channels
5.Covering aquaculture ponds
6.Covering artificial lakes
7.UV resistance
8.Oxidation resistance
9.Proper performance against heat and cold
10.Ease of installation
11.Saving time
12.economic efficiency
13.Compatible with vital aquatic factors
Buildings project

We offer best industrial services. 20+ years of experience with global industries.

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Our team was formed with the aim of protecting the environment and natural resources and helping to preserve sustainable water resources for future generations , The expertise, knowledge and experience of the members has led to the provision of excellent services and support by the GEONIK Group and has resulted in the majority of customers' satisfaction.

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After Sales Services

We are able to assist you with professional advice about the projects technical points and guide to buy the most suitable size and dimentions of geomembranes, This ultimately saves more money

What are Geosynthetic, Geomembrane, and Geotextiles

Geotextiles and products related to geotextiles are permeable products. Geomembranes and geomembrane-related products are substantially impermeable. Products resulting from the industrial combination of two or more geosynthetics are called geocomposites.

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