Save municipal waste landfills

Covering storage areas for effluents, infectious and non-infectious substances and municipal waste(landfill). Garbage collection in Landfill and the formation of centralized municipal landfills with regard to the development of cities and increasing waste production in addition to organizing and managing waste pursues other goals such as collecting biogas and preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Due to strict environmental laws to protect water, soil and air to avoid incurring excessive costs to industries, the method of scattered waste disposal was changed to centralized municipal landfills and criteria for landfill design were formed. At present, by using geotextiles and geomembranes under the surface of landfills, while preventing environmental pollution, waste is decomposed in their landfills. Images related to the substructure stages and the stages of completion and coating of geotextile sheets and GEONIK geomembranes

Infectious waste storage